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Administration Council

The Administration Council plays a vital role in the efficient functioning of Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT) in Greater Noida. Comprising of distinguished members from various fields, the council provides strategic guidance and support to ensure the smooth operation of the institute.

The Administration Council consists of prominent individuals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and knowledge enable them to make informed decisions that drive the growth and development of PIIT.

The council is responsible for overseeing the administrative and financial affairs of the institute. They work closely with the management team to establish and implement policies and procedures that align with the institute's vision and mission. Through their oversight, they ensure that PIIT operates in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

In addition to their administrative responsibilities, the council also plays an active role in shaping the academic programs offered at PIIT. They review and approve new courses, ensuring that they meet the needs of students and align with industry demands. The council's expertise allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance on curriculum development and academic policies.

Furthermore, the Administration Council actively engages with the faculty and staff of PIIT to address any concerns or challenges that may arise. They provide a platform for open dialogue and collaboration, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the institute.

The council members are committed to promoting excellence in education and research at PIIT. They strive to create an environment that nurtures innovation, creativity, and critical thinking among students. Their dedication to quality education has helped PIIT become a leading institution in Greater Noida.

In conclusion, the Administration Council of Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT) in Greater Noida plays a crucial role in the overall management and development of the institute. Through their expertise and guidance, they ensure that PIIT remains at the forefront of innovation and education, empowering students to succeed in their chosen fields.

Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Singh

Chairman, PIIT Greater Noida

Ex. Director, IEC-College of Engg. & Tech., Greater Noida

Ex. Dean & Prof. (SEAS) Rai Foundation, New Delhi

Young Scientist, Dept. of Science & Technology (DST)

Dept. of Physics, IIT, Delhi


Mr. R.K Shakya


MBA, M.Tech. (ME), Ph.D. (Pursuing) 


Mr. Harswarup

Registrar (PIIT)

MPM (HR), DLL & LW, B.Sc 


Mr.Anil Kumar

Deputy Registrar (PIIT)

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