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Mission Vision & Objectives

Our Mission

To strive hard for creating an ambience to Quality Education, training and research in the fields of Science, Technology, Management, education etc and to provide a platform to imbibe and enhance human values, ethics and morals in our students and to provide a platform to the students to enhance their skills in various fields.


Our Vision

To become a centre of excellence in the field of Engineering, IT, Management, Biotechnology, Education, R & D and training comparable to the best in the country and abroad for producing best technocrats and professionals who shall be the leaders in innovation, creativity and management.



The Institute is committed to providing a valuable contribution in achieving the goal of "Transforming India from Developing nation to Developed nation by 2020" set up by the former Hon'ble President of India and endorsed by the Government. The values of equality and social justice cannot be established in society without upliftment of the weaker, most backwards and oppressed Sections. With this mission in view, PIIT has the following objectives:

  • To impart job-oriented professional and technical education of good quality to the students, with special emphasis to those hailing from socio-economically backward, scheduled castes and tribal families, OBCs, down-trodden, minorities, women, labours, disabled and neglected ones who cannot afford the expenses of learning in the higher education system.

  • To provide the best of creative quality education & overall development of students. To make them successful technocrats, real scientists in close consultation with industry and R & D throughout the world.

  • To extend help in Disaster Management and Disaster Control.

  • To promote and strengthen research activities.

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