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PIIT Campus Visit by DVM Public School Greater Noida

PIIT Campus Visit by DVM Public School Greater Noida

Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT) another name of excellence in higher education. Today on the auspicious day of 6th April 2023, students of Dayanand Vidya Mandir Public School (DVM) one of the major schools in Greater Noida visited our PIIT Campus - to take the glimpse of how higher education is provided at PIIT to nurture the futures of thousands of children across India with utmost care and dedication at Prince Institute. Established in 2003 Prince Institute has expertise and experience of 20 years to groom and build career of students, which reflects in our slogan itself - “We Create Leaders of Tomorrow” When students pass the Senior Secondary either from CBSE, ICSE or UP Boards, there are wide varieties of career options available to them, students view different Advertisements of Educational courses, Institutions etc, which almost create confusions in the mind of childrens and their parents too.Thats why Prince Institute of Innovative Technology PIIT is always open for friendly and curious visits of students and staff from different, nearby and out stations schools. It is always like a picnic and great entertainment for both students and teachers of the visiting schools. The special bus facility was arranged for the students, they arrived at 10am along with a few staff.

The students of DVM Public School were very nice and etiquette. We at PIIT gave them a warm welcome. They were very excited, when we showed them our library, civil lab, electrical lab, electronics lab, mechanical lab and computer science lab etc. One thing was common among almost all the students of DVM school was - they were very curious about the working of different machines and equipment specially in electrical, electronics, and mechanical labs. We also showed them a newly launched & magnificent Pharmacy Department. After the campus tour and special snacks n coffee - a presentation related to career building was provided by Assistant Prof. Priya Chaursia. In the end small briefing was given to students by our Chairman, Prof. (Dr.) Bharat Singh and Director, Assistant Professor R.K. Shakya. The visiting students of DVM were very happy to see and visit the PIIT Campus and promised us to visit again next year.

Note: PIIT college is always open for visits and tours from different schools.

Please contact us: 8744071829, 8887610230

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