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Career @ PIIT

Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT) Greater Noida is a premier educational institution that provides exciting career opportunities in various fields. The institute offers a wide range of disciplines, including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Applied Science, Management, Education, Pharmacy, and Administration.

Career Opportunities at PIIT Greater Noida

PIIT Greater Noida offers a wide range of career opportunities in the fields of teaching, non-teaching, and administration. Whether you have a passion for education, possess administrative skills, or prefer a non-teaching role, PIIT Greater Noida provides a platform for growth and development.


If you have a strong academic background and a desire to shape young minds, a career in teaching at PIIT Greater Noida can be a rewarding choice. The institute offers teaching positions in various disciplines, including engineering, management, computer applications, and applied sciences. As a faculty member, you will have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with students, contribute to their intellectual growth, and make a positive impact on their lives.

At PIIT, teaching positions are available in different roles and levels. These positions include Head of Department (HOD), Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer, and Lecturer.

1. HOD:

The HOD is responsible for overseeing the department's operations, strategic planning, and academic development. They provide leadership and guidance to the faculty members and ensure the smooth functioning of the department.

2. Professors:

Professors at PIIT are highly qualified and experienced individuals who excel in their respective fields. They are responsible for teaching advanced courses, conducting research, and guiding students in their academic journey.

3. Associate Professors:

Associate Professors play a crucial role in mentoring students, conducting research, and assisting in curriculum development. They bring their expertise and industry knowledge to the classroom, creating a dynamic learning environment.

4. Assistant Professors:

Assistant Professors at PIIT contribute to the institute's academic excellence through teaching, research, and curriculum development. They work closely with students, providing guidance and support in their educational pursuits.

5. Senior Lecturers:

Senior Lecturers possess extensive knowledge and experience in their specialized areas. They deliver lectures, engage students in discussions, and provide valuable insights into the subject matter.

6. Lecturers:

Lecturers at PIIT are responsible for delivering lectures, conducting practical sessions, and assessing student performance. They play a vital role in shaping students' understanding and skill development.

Joining PIIT as a faculty member opens up a world of opportunities to contribute to the growth and development of students. The institute provides a vibrant and inclusive work environment, encouraging innovation and research.

If you are passionate about teaching and have expertise in any of the aforementioned fields, PIIT offers a platform to nurture your career and make a meaningful impact in the lives of students. Explore the exciting career opportunities at PIIT Greater Noida and be a part of an institution committed to excellence in education.



Administrative, Non-Teaching and Other Staff

PIIT Greater Noida recognizes the importance of a supportive and efficient administrative team. The institute offers a range of non-teaching positions that play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of various departments. These roles include positions in administration, admissions, student affairs, finance, human resources, and marketing. By joining the non-teaching team, you will contribute to the overall success of the institute and help create an environment conducive to learning and growth.

The institute also offers opportunities in positions such as Warden, Counselor (Career, Admission, Academic, Tele), Telecaller, Receptionist, Clerk, Assistant, Office Attendant, Security Officer, Security Guard, Sweeper, and Gardener. Each of these positions plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of the institution.

1. Training and Placement Officer (TPO):

As a Training and Placement Officer, your primary responsibility will be to bridge the gap between students and the industry. You will collaborate with various companies to organize recruitment drives, job fairs, and internships, facilitating students' entry into the professional world. Additionally, you will assist students in honing their interview skills, resume building, and overall personality development, ensuring they are well-prepared for their careers.

2. System Administrator:

In the role of a System Administrator, you will be responsible for managing the institution's computer systems and networks. This includes overseeing the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of hardware and software, ensuring the availability and security of data, and providing technical support to faculty, staff, and students. Your expertise in managing computer systems will be crucial in ensuring a seamless learning and administrative experience for all.

3. Admissions Head:

As an Admissions Head, you will be responsible for managing the entire admissions process at PIIT Greater Noida. This includes coordinating with prospective students, conducting entrance examinations, evaluating applications, and making admission decisions. You will also collaborate with marketing and outreach teams to devise strategies for attracting and retaining students, ensuring the institution continues to thrive and grow.

4. Warden:

The Warden position involves overseeing the residential facilities and ensuring the well-being of the students. Wardens provide guidance and support to students, enforce rules and regulations, and maintain discipline in the hostels.

5. Counselors:

Counselors, in various capacities like Career, Admission, Academic, and Tele, provide guidance and assistance to students in their respective domains. They help students make informed decisions about their careers, guide them through the admission process, provide academic support, and offer telephonic counseling services.

6. Lab Technician:

One of the positions available at PIIT is the Lab Technician role. Lab Technicians play a crucial role in assisting faculty members and students in laboratory settings. They are responsible for maintaining laboratory equipment, preparing materials for experiments, and ensuring a safe and productive environment for students to learn and conduct research.

7. Workshop Instructor:

Another position is the Workshop Instructor. Workshop Instructors are skilled professionals who impart practical knowledge to students in various workshops and training sessions. They possess expertise in specific areas and are responsible for ensuring that students receive hands-on training and develop practical skills relevant to their field of study.

8. Physical Training Instructors:

Physical Training Instructors are also an important part of the PIIT team. They assist students in developing physical fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. These instructors organize and conduct fitness activities, sports events, and training sessions to help students improve their physical well-being.

9. Tele-callers:

Tele-callers are responsible for making outbound calls to potential students or stakeholders to provide information about the institute, courses, and admission procedures. They play a crucial role in marketing and promoting the institute's offerings.

10. Receptionists:

Receptionists are the face of the institute and handle inquiries, welcome visitors, and provide general administrative support. They are responsible for maintaining a professional and welcoming environment at the front desk.

11. Clerks and Assistants:

Clerks and Assistants provide administrative support to various departments within the institute. They handle tasks such as data entry, file management, scheduling appointments, and assisting with day-to-day operations.

12. Office Attendants:

Office Attendants ensure the smooth functioning of the office by handling tasks such as document delivery, maintaining office supplies, and assisting with basic administrative duties.

13. Security Officers and Guards:

Security Officers and Guards are responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the institute premises. They monitor access, patrol the premises, and respond to any security incidents or emergencies.

14. Sweepers and Gardeners:

Sweepers and Gardeners play a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness and aesthetics within the institute premises. They ensure that the surroundings are clean, hygienic, and visually appealing.

Prince Institute of Innovative Technology (PIIT) Greater Noida offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the field of Administration. The non-teaching positions available cater to various roles such as Lab Technicians, Workshop Instructors, Physical Training Instructors, Wardens, Counselors, Tele-callers, Receptionists, Clerks, Assistants, Office Attendants, Security Officers, Security Guards, Sweepers, and Gardeners. These roles collectively contribute to the efficient functioning and growth of the institute.

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