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Grievances Redressal Committe

  1. Prof. (Dr.) R. Swarup (Ombudsmen)

  2. Mr. R.K. Shakya (Head)

  3. Mr. Vishwjeet Verma (Member)

  4. Mrs. Himani Singh (Member)

  5. Mr Sanjeev Kumar (Member)

Women Grievances Cell

  1. Dr. Anjum Ara (Head)

  2. Mrs. Himani Singh (Member)

  3. Mrs. Apurva Singh (Member)

  4. Mrs. Poonam Rajput (Member)

  5. Mr. R.K. Shakya (Member)

  6. Mr. Harswarup (Member)

  7. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Member)

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